Solares Electrical Services has over 25 years of experience completing large, complex projects in the public sector.

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    CCTV: Close-Circuit TV

    Whether it be for malls, school security, traffic monitoring, or toll systems, we have the capability to install any system for your surveillance needs.

    Commercial / Industrial

    We have successfully completed projects in a diverse array of areas, including but not limited to: Warehouses, Airports, Water Plants, Libraries, Parks, Marinas, Hospitals, and Fire Stations.


    At our company we can design your control needs as well as build your custom control equipment. We can also assist you during the start up process.  The controller can be easily customized to meet various  operation needs.

    Fiber Optics

    We work with several fiber optic technicians and the most advanced equipment available in the industry such as OTDR and fusion splicers.

    Intercom Systems

    Control access to all entrances, interior offices, elevators, loading docks, parking garages and any prohibited areas using a versatile security intercom system.

    Lighting Protection

    Professionally installed lightning and surge protection for optimal safety measures in Florida, the lightning capital of the US.

    Electrical Design

    General electrical and electronics designs and controls. Drafting, CAT drawings, AutoCAD, Google SketchUp and more.


    We have installed indoor and/or outdoor generators in almost every project we’ve performed with sizes raging from 30KW to 600KW.

    Lighting Controls

    Energy efficient lighting system, amphitheater lighting, mood lighting, dimming lighting system and more.

    Intrusive Security Systems

    We have extensive experience installing intrusive security systems, which can be very complex when interacting with CCTV systems. We can perform any type of project, none is too large or complex. 

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire alarm systems installed by our fully trained and certified technicians with the most advanced systems available such as Simplex, Honeywell, and EST. 

    Medium Voltage 4160 Volts

    Mainly seen in hospitals, water plants and other industrial applications; this installation requires special skill and knowledge and we are proud to provide these services to our clients. We can install, terminate and test the specialty cable required for these types of applications.

    Photo-voltaic Systems

    As climate change and sustainability become a growing concern, we have expanded to provide alternative energy solutions, providing the same high quality design and installation services for roofs and ground-mounted grid interactive arrays. 

    Structured Cabling

    Count on our highly experienced personnel for installing wiring for telephone and data systems. These jobs typically require testing reports and differentiation of different applications of this wiring.


    Solares Electrical has specialized in commercial and industrial work, had the opportunity to work with several public departments from Miami Dade County, such as Miami Dade Aviation, Fire Departments, Parks & Recreation, Water Sewer, GSA, Transit and Seaport to name a few. In addition, Solares Electrical worked in many years with the Miami Dade Expressway Authority and Florida Department of Transportation.



    Seldom have I felt so much pleasure in writing a recognition letter for a job well done as in this occasion. The work realized by electrical contractor personnel was very well planned and executed. Also, the relations with the engineers, the construction manager of the Miami Dade Park & Recreation Department and Black Point Marina have been excellent.
    Andres Gonzalez, PEVP Engineering, A & A Arnold & Associates, Inc.
    Solares Electrical demonstrated skill, dedication and professionalism. We would like to commend Solares Electrical Services for a job well done. We hope we will have the opportunity to work together again.
    Alfonso Fernandez-Fraga, P.E., President Intial Engineers
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your efforts in completing this project with Archer Western Contractors. Solares Electrical Services Inc. played a key role in our success with the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority through a rapidly changing and complex project.
    Sam ToddProject Manager, Archer Western Contractors


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