Solares Electrical Services

Solares Services

Solares Electrical has specialized in commercial and industrial work, we have had the opportunity to work with several public departments from the Miami Dade County, such as Miami Dade Aviation, Fire Departments, Parks & Recreation, Water Sewer, GSA, Transit and Seaport to name a few.
In addition, Solares Electrical is proud to have worked for many years with the Miami Dade Expressway Authority and Florida Department of Transportation.

CCTV: Close-Circuit Television

Solares has performed work on all the following areas: mall residential, school security systems, traffic monitoring systems and toll camera systems. Solares offers the right solution derived from a multi-million dollar industry do to high crime.

Commercial / Industrial

Warehouses, Schools, Hospitals, Toll plazas, Fire stations, Airports terminals, Parks & Recreations, Libraries, Parking garages, Water plants, Marinas, Airport Towers, Medium voltage installations, "Solar" Panels.


ALC: Automated Logic Controls
  • HVAC Control Systems. (AOM, Delta)
  • Lighting Control Systems. (Watt Stopper, AOM, Delta)
  • Customized Industrial Control Systems (OMRON, Allen Bradley)
The ALC Automated Logic Controller can consists of a standalone controller, handheld keypad/display panel and room sensor. The controller can be easily customized to meet various sequence of operation needs and can connect to the four leading protocols.
The handheld keypad/display panel allows local access to the controllers and their operational properties, as well as management of a small facility. The sensor provides precision measurement and communication capabilities in an attractive, low profile enclosure.

At our company we can design your control needs as well as build your custom control equipment. We can also assist you during the start up process.

Electrical Design

General electrical and electronics designs and controls. Drafting, CAT drawings, AutoCAD, Google SketchUp and more.

Fiber Optics

Our company accounts with several fiber optic technicians with state-of-the-art and the most advanced equipment available in the industry such as OTDR and fusion splicer.

Fire Alarm Systems

Some jobs that we perform include a Fire Alarm System which is installed by our fully trained and certified technicians with the most advanced systems available like Simplex, Honeywell and EST.


We have installed indoor and/or outdoor generators in almost every project we've performed with sizes raging from 30KW to 600KW.

Intercom Systems

Control access to all entrances, interior offices, elevators, loading docks, parking garages and any prohibited areas outside, or within a building using one of a versatile security intercom systems.

Intrusion Security Systems

Most governmental projects that we are or haven been a part of have included an intrusion security system. This systems can sometimes be very complex whenever they interact with a CCTV system Card Access systems. However, we can perform any type of project as no project is too smal or large or too complex or simple.

Lighting Controls

Energy efficient lighting system, amphitheater lighting, mood lighting, dimming lighting system and more.

Lightning Protection

Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, as such, having a lightning and surge protection installed by a professional is extremely important to protect both life and property.

Medium Voltage 4160 Volts

Mainly seen in hospitals, water plants and other industrial applications; this installation requires special skill and knowledge and we are proud to provide these services to our clients. We can install, terminate and test the specialty cable required for these types of applications.

Photovoltaic Systems

With the world-conscience revolving around the conservation of our environment, alternative energy solutions have been increasing. Our company has recently expanded into this market where we can offer our same quality design and installation services for both, roofs and ground-mounted grid interactive arrays.

Structured Cabling

Our communications department counts with a highly experience personnel installing wiring for telephone and data system. Most jobs typically require testing reports which proof to the owner that the cable has been properly installed. It is important to differentiate the different applications of this wiring.