Solares Electrical's Prestige Clientele

Evergreen Sweetner

Date: Dec 2010 - Feb 2011 · Brief Description: Controls · GC: Solares Electrical

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Category: Industry Automation
Schedule: Met
Scope: Custom control panels fafrication and programming

George T. Baker Aviation School: MDCPS

Date: September 2, 2008 · Brief Description: School Remodeling and Expantion · GC: JCI

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Complete modification to existing structure and additional hangar building, project took place during the school year with extensive coordination among the different trades.
Category: Aviation
Schedule: Met
Scope: Fire Alarm, Clock Intercom, Lightning Protection, Electrical Work.

Greynolds Park Elementary: MDCPS

Date: May 14, 2002 · Brief Description: Remodeling Construction and Expantion · GC: ECS

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Remodeling of five existing buildings and construction of three new buildings.

This project was particularly challenging because of existing and new buildings had to be interconnected with all light safety systems. Additionally it was completed without any interruptions of school hours always adhering to the most strict safety regulation.
Category: Schools
Schedule: Met
Scope: Fire alarm, intercom, clock system, intrusion and electrical work.

Haulover Park Marina: MDPR

Date: June 3, 2005 · Brief Description: New Pier · GC: Shoreline

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Over 1,000 feet of construction of new pier.
Category: Marinas
Schedule: Met
Scope: Power Modules, Power Pedestals, Light Poles & Utility Site Work.